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Establishing an authentic, indigenous church in the Amazon


Forty-five tribes live in the Amazon in Peru. Among them are people who have never had contact with the outside world, and have never heard the gospel. Many of these communities have been ravaged by disease, exploited and abused by outsiders. Adding to their painful past, natives of the Peruvian Amazon are marginalized. They suffer despite being citizens of a developing nation.

Partners International and The Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru (MINAP) serve the native people groups living in remote regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Our holistic programs offer health services, clean water, and education. MINAP missionaries are a bridge between the traditional and modern worlds. They use storytelling to share the gospel and plant healthy churches among tribal communities. Together we are building an authentic, indigenous church that preserves culture while remaining faithful to the Bible.

Programs Include

1) Medical Care
Caring for Amazon natives in need of medical attention

MINAP tends to the physical and spiritual needs of native people that must travel long distances to receive medical attention, but often get turned away because of a lack of resources. They supply medicine and offer financial support for treatment, food, and transportation. Patients also receive prayer and counselling.

2) Student Outreach
Equipping students with supplies to succeed

While completing their studies in Pucallpa, the ministry mentors students and provides them with school supplies and assistance with living accommodations. The relationships built with students opens doors to unreached communities and paves the way for bright young leaders to serve their communities.

3) Local Leader
Missionary support

Local leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to native tribal communities in Peru. They have access to vast areas that are restricted and inhabited only by tribal people because of their indigenous status. They are reliant on their survival skills and the power of God to address every situation they encounter while working in isolated territories.

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to reach, serve and disciple Amazon natives in Peru.