Partner with a Leader

Our Local Leaders are evangelists, pastors, and ministry leaders who have been called to share the love of Jesus in their own countries and contexts.

They lead and plant churches, share the good news of Jesus, oversee community transformation projects, and administer justice or compassion programs that bring dignity and aid to people in desperate situations. It is often through community transformation that our partners build respect and a platform to share the good news of Jesus.

Our partnership and development model relies on local partnership.

Here is why we believe partnering with local leaders is so important:

Our approach is to resource, equip and encourage these amazing men and women and to connect them with churches like yours, building powerful partnerships across the cultures.

By partnering with a local leader, you help to resource their living expenses, their ministry expenses and the cost to resources others within their team.

Livelihood – provides the basic needs for the local leader, their family and their team

Capacity Building – helps the ministry expand and become more sustainable

Community Developmentprovides funds for projects that will enhance the life of the community

Suggested Monthly Investment by a local church: $600 per month