Support the work in Moldova and Ukraine

Bringing light into the darkness of war 

Our local partner in Moldova works to alleviate poverty and to lift up the vulnerable. When war broke out in Ukraine and as the refugee crisis ensued, our partners in Moldova knew they needed to respond. Decades of experience in caring for the traumatized and vulnerable left our partner uniquely positioned to effectively serve Ukrainians.

Our partners have also developed a network of churches and pastors across Ukraine through which they’ve distributed aid, even in the hardest hit regions of the country. They’ve worked with local pastors to meet the most pressing needs of internally displaced people and have counseled those Christian leaders on how to minister to those traumatized by the horrors of war.

The needs are great; your support today will serve hundreds of families in their time of greatest need.

Right now 90,000 Ukrainians are refugees inside Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, and millions more are displaced within Ukraine.

YOU can bring someone through their darkest days towards the resurrection hope that is found in Jesus.