Nabin was a newly baptized young man who had come to our training centre in Nepal. His parents are not Christians and he was the only believer from his family. This caused him a lot of problems. He recently graduated from our training in May of last year. After his return from the training centre, with much prayer and fasting, he led his brother to Christ. Both he and his brother prayed for their family. Now, as a result of their continued prayers, their parents are open to the gospel and happy with their two sons. Their parents are now ready to come to the church. There are also four others who have come to the Lord since his return and are getting ready for the water baptism.

More about our training centre in Nepal
Our training centre in Nepal provides vocational and ministry training for men and women in Nepal. Students in the program are given ministry tools, Biblical instruction, and vocational instruction so they will be able to financially support themselves once in ministry. When the training program is completed, graduates are sent out to minister to unreached people groups in the farthest reaches of Nepal. The Unreached People Group training program has been run by our local partner for 12 years. The program has been unique in its approach, teaching not only ministry skills but practical skills by which students can support themselves. Though the program has done no formal advertising or marketing, there has been no shortage of students, with some classes even becoming overcrowded.


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Our partners around the world are calling young followers of Jesus into ministry leadership. Many of these believers are new to the faith, have had little education and are living in poverty. Your gift will help enable our partner organizations to train pastors, evangelists and Christian workers to lead churches and community outreach programs.