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Entire families in Pakistan are working as modern-day slaves to pay off generational debts. Your gift enables a Christian worker to provide human rights education and resources like household gardens and livestock for one family exploited as slave-labourers in a brick kiln.

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David Masih- 2 weeks ago

Latest ministry update from Pakistan!

To the saints in Canada who are praying for us, supporting the ministry of Christian Foundation and standing with us. I want to express my gratitude to God Almighty, who has chosen us to work in His vineyard. My heart is full of gratitude to Partners International Canada, who is always in contact with us, and we believe that our partnership is the reason we have accomplished much.

We witness daily that despite the opposition to Christianity in our nation, people that come to know Christ would go to great lengths to tell others about the Lord. Last year, Sabit Ali Leghari desired to build a church to give the new believers a place to worship, but even when he acquired the land and support, there was opposition in the community. Our belief is that the Lord will build His church throughout the earth. We pray you are encouraged by Sabit’s obedience to the Lord. 


Sabit Ali Leghari is the first Muslim convert Christian in a 100-mile radius. He came to the knowledge of Christ through a radio programme and then later through a correspondence course. He is now so strong a believer that he is currently leading others to Christ.

When he had grouped about 8-10 people who gave their lives to Jesus, Sabit thought that it would be necessary for new believers to get together and worship in a small church. But they had no financial resources to build one. One of Sabit's relatives had agreed to give half an acre of land for this. But then money was needed to raise the structure. The poor people did not have enough as they were struggling with finances. They requested help in this respect, and Partners International Canada accepted and supported this church's construction. 

Later a landlord, whose land was next to this land for the church, picked up a quarrel and would not allow the building's construction. For numerous months, this tussle went on. Finally, the objector said that Sabit could swap the church land with a different property with a partially built structure. Sabit used the funds from Partners International Canada to complete the building. The building is not yet complete, but it is sufficient for the group to get together and worship.

The construction of a church in this area is a miracle. There aren't any Christians living within a radius of 100 miles of the church. In His plans, God picked Sabit from a remotely located village, Leghari Bajrani, and planted him as his witness there. The time has now come that this plant has started bearing fruit. Many people have been evangelized over the years and have started responding to the Good News.


  • Pray for the entire field team of Christian Foundation to reach the unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Lord's caring hand on each team member who trusts in the Lord is reaching out to the people despite the fears of an escalating pandemic. 
  • Pray for the people who hear the Good News that the Lord would touch and open their hearts to let Jesus come in.
  • Please pray for the administrative team in Lahore, i.e. Robin Sawan, who is serving as liaison and supervisor. He comes from the Hindu community. Adil Khurram, our Accounts Officer. He had been sick, and the hospital doctor said that he might have COVID 19. Please pray that God will protect the health of our staff. James Diwan, who is a new addition to our team as an Administrative Officer. His workload is increasing as he is dealing with everybody. And finally, for me. Please remember us all and our respective families.
  • Please pray for Pakistan's government as they are trying to clear the filth that the previous governments had scattered.
  • Please pray for the Christians in Pakistan and the church in Pakistan. As the hatred against Christians is increasing, would the Lord protect his people.
  • Please pray that God would give me the wisdom to lead the entire team that Lord may make me more humble and Christlike.


9,888 heard the Gospel | 16 people baptized

5,369 benefited from justice initiatives  | 1.500 people have access to clean water

26 helped through women’s programs | 140 received medical care

135 communities impacted


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