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There are thousands of villages scattered along Brazil’s coastline and in the Amazon Basin. These communities are only accessible by boat and are inhabited by people who have never heard the gospel. They are home to fishermen and their families. The water sustains them — but just barely. They are isolated from the education, medical care and gainful employment they need to improve their lives. As a result, many families are caught in a cycle of poverty and there are desperate substance abuse issues.

Our local partner in Brazil has a team of 162 missionaries who serve these remote fishing villages. Our missionaries lead with the gospel and follow up with practical care such as medical teams and support for vulnerable children. The ministry pioneers new fields, calls the Brazilian church to follow, hands over the ministry, and moves on to new frontiers. Over the last 30 years this has led to tremendous growth and expanded vision.


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Start Date: January 02, 2020

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Missão Evangélica de Assistência aos Pescadores

Christian NGO

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Ministry Advancement