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Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon

On August 4th, 2020, two thousand seven hundred tons of explosives went off in Beirut in the direction of its seaport. More than 100 have lost their lives, and 4,000 are injured. Provide food and medical relief to people in Lebanon during this catastrophe.

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Joseph Najem- 2 weeks ago

Latest ministry update from Lebanon!

 Greetings in the name of Jesus. I appreciate the love you have for FEAL and your support for our ministry in the MENA region. This part of the world needs Christ's grace and mercy. Islam is a big challenge, yet, by God's grace, miracles are taking place among us. Thank you for your prayers and support, especially since the explosion, which added to Beirut's complicated situation with COVID-19. Your partnership is a great encouragement to us.  

Oasis has been very fruitful. We have finished our 6th year of serving the Syrian refugees. Our plan for the Oasis ministry is to branch out to create three churches in Syria with the Oasis Muslim Background Believers. Men, women and children have come to know the love of Jesus through their experiences in Oasis.


Dalia is a young girl that lives in a refugee camp with her mother and three siblings. After her dad left them, Dalia's mom became the sole provider for the entire family. She found work at a nearby agriculture field, but she struggles to support her four children's needs on her own.  

Dalia dreamed of going to school. She stopped going because her mom couldn't afford to pay for the most inexpensive government school near their refugee camp.

Dalia's mom found out about our education program in their refugee camp. Dalia and her siblings registered for free. They joined other refugee children with similar backgrounds. Dalia and her siblings take Arabic and French classes and learn math skills from our team. She's also learning how to read and write, and enjoys listening to stories about Jesus. She loves attending our program. 

Dalia is one of many displaced children who feels like a child again because of Oasis. Despite the realities these children experience daily, children who attend Oasis have a safe place where they can learn, grow in their faith and have community. 


  • Pray for continuous wisdom and guidance from God
  • Pray for the second generation of leadership
  • Pray for peace and stability in Lebanon and the Middle East
  • Pray for the people of Beirut who are traumatized by the explosion crises
  • Pray for our outreach so that God would touch the hearts of people who do not know Him yet
  • Pray for the health of those who tested positive for COVID-19
  • Pray for wisdom as we move forward and plan


12,400 heard the gospel | 72 new believers | 54 people baptized

438 children and youth impacted | 900 families benefiting from relief activities

8 MENA countries with mission work


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Start Date: August 05, 2020

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Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon

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