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On August 15, the Taliban took control of the capital city of Kabul. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are in turmoil and the people there are struggling and living in fear. Our local partner is currently responding to the need the best they can but need help.

Please consider giving a gift today to help provide relief for 100 families with the gift of food, clean water and basic necessities:

$300 will help provide for one family for one month
$10 will help a family for one day

Recent Updates

Bruce Luo- 3 weeks ago

Pray for Afghanistan.

There was a deadly suicide bomb blasted at Kabul airport last week. Many lost their lives, and hundreds were injured. Thanks to God our friend and his family were safe, but "we were scared", said Brother A. This morning, He sent me a message:

"I trust this mail will find you well. I have tried to write to you today, but it was a very difficult day, the Taliban checked each house if they had weapons such as guns or pistols they were taking from local people. We were not allowed to go out of the street. They asked us to shut down the phones while they were checking the house for four hours. But praise the Lord. I have time to write to you about some prayer requests.

As you know, the situation in our country is getting worse every day, especially for the Afghan local believers. But we have great hope and shepherds who can protect us in every situation. I was reading Psalm 27 today and I realized that God is our refuge, so we should not look at difficulty, but we must have hope that he is greater than our problems and difficulties. That is why we put all our problems and difficulties into God's hands. He will make the way to escape from it after we pray.

Well these are some items I would like you and your team there to pray for the believers here in Afghanistan. 

...we are one in Christ" - Brother A.

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