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Partners Kids provides an opportunity to invest in the wellbeing and transformation of vulnerable children around the world. It is a new approach that creates greater outcomes to serve children in need. By joining us you are supporting children’s health & wellness, education, and faith in Jesus. These are three areas in every child’s life that are crucial to their development and wellbeing. Through this monthly giving program, you are empowering future generations and bringing about lasting change in kid’s lives and, in turn, their families and communities.

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Jillian Olazabal- 1 month ago

Alice's Story

Nepal is poor country. Where lots of children are unable to go school and they have no proper clothes to wear and not enough food to eat.

I’m Alice. I used to be one of those children. Now I’m part of a big family. It’s actually an children’s home, only it feels like home.  

There are 22 members in our family. We always help each other in our need. We do fun things  together at home, and we also work together. We have all of our basic needs like food, a safe place to live, clean clothes and school.  

Right now I am studying in grade 11. I’m learning a lot in school and I’m preparing to take a big exam soon. Not long ago me and my classmates went on a school trip and had a picnic together. That was a lot of fun. 

My uncle and aunty (the people that care for me) take good care of us and help us in our studies. They also teach us about Jesus and good things to help us for our bright future.

I want to be good person. I want to help people who are suffering from different problems and I really want to help orphan children in future. I am so thankful for your helping heart.

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