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Jillian Olazabal- 1 month ago

Pulak's Story

My name is Pulak. I live with my mother, Kakoli, in a congested neighbourhood in South Kolkata. Ever since my father died a few years ago, she’s worked hard as a housemaid for six different households to take care of me.  

My father worked as a cab driver, but he spent all his money on gambling and drinking and hardly brought any money home for our family. For as long as I could remember, we’ve survived on very little.

It was hard for my mother to raise me by herself, especially when the rest of the family refused to help us at all. My mom saved enough to enroll me in a local school starting in grade two, but I could not keep up and needed tutoring, which we couldn't afford. 

For a long time, I could tell she’s felt very alone.  

Then something great happened. One of our neighbours told us about a special program their child was attending. They help kids like me with their studies, tuition support and teach about Jesus and how to be a good person.

Since attending this center five years ago, my life has been different. I go to the Partners Kids free coaching centre every evening for help with my school subjects. I also have teachers and tutors that really care about me and teach me about the love of Jesus. 

My mom would never be able to afford this type of support on her own. And it will make a big difference in my future. 

My mom works two shifts - in the morning and at night with a few hours break during the afternoon when she comes home to do chores. She can’t spend lots of time with me because she has to work, but thankfully she has people she can trust at the center to help me study and get good grades. 

I want to care for others in the future by becoming a police officer. But more importantly, when I grow up, I want to earn well to look after my mom.


Thank you for investing in me and my future through Partners Kids. I know that we are not alone in this. 


“I am happy, Pulak is enrolled in Partners Kids because he is learning many good things and moral values that will help to shape his life and make him a responsible human being.” - Kakoli, Pulak’s mother

"... to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

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