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As a Partners Kids monthly donor you are joining an amazing community of Canadians who are investing in the spiritual wellbeing and transformation of vulnerable children who are living in some of the most challenging places on earth. Partners Kids is a new approach that creates greater outcomes to serve children in challenging places. By joining us you are investing in children’s: (1) HEALTH AND WELLNESS (2) EDUCATION, and (3) FAITH IN JESUS

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Jillian Olazabal- 1 month ago


Mone is in grade 8 in our secondary school in Laos. She likes drawing and reading books in her free time. 

Mone’s parents are poor farmers. They work tirelessly on their rice field which is a 3-4 hour walk up to the mountain. No one in Mone’s family has ever finished primary school. Her brother and sister stopped school early. Instead of attending school, they began work south of Laos.

But Mone loves learning and studying at school. She wants to improve her life and doesn’t want to stop school like her siblings. Mone believes that if she works hard in school, she can graduate and help her family someday. 

There were many obstacles for Mone to continue her education. First, transportation posed issues as the school is far away from her village, and she does not have a motorbike to commute. Many years ago, students were walking to school, and it was safe. However, back in 2018, a young girl was killed on her way to school by people up to no good. Since then, families are scared to allow their children to travel to school on foot. Adding to her obstacles, school fees for room and board were not affordable for her family. 

Thanks to your contribution to Partners Kids, Mone receives support to stay at school throughout the week, learn about Jesus, and receive meals during her stay. She even gets to return home each weekend by bus to visit and help her family in the rice field. 

Mone is a diligent student who pays attention in school. She is patient and shows interest in Jesus after hearing the gospel. After finishing high school, Mone wants to continue her studies to become a teacher in her hometown in the future. 

Please keep Mone, her family and other children in Southeast Asia in your prayers. Would God continue to open doors for education and sharing the gospel with the next generation. 


Because of your contributions to the Partners Kids program, families like Mone's can safely attend school, grow in their faith and achieve their dreams of leading other children toward a bright future through education. Thank you!  

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