50 years of mission engagement through partnership has produced unparalleled results. Parts of the world where Christian mission had stalled or never made any advances have burst open under the Spirit-led and empowered ministry of exceptional indigenous leaders from places as diverse as China, Cuba, Brazil and Bangladesh.

partnership has produced unparalleled results

Having spent my adult life in international missions I am completely committed to the model of partnership that Partners International Canada (PI Canada) has developed over its journey. I love the aspect of taking a servant role to the non-western Church in mobilizing them to engage contextually and effectively. We have benefited immensely from the theology and missiology of our predecessors at Partners International. Best-practices in cross-cultural partnership and a tangible focus such as the 10/40 Window concept all emerged through past PI leaders.  Partners International has achieved remarkable successes far out of proportion to our size. We were the primary agent of mobilizing COMIBAM in Brazil, a large gathering that resulted in unprecedented numbers of Latin American missionaries being prepared and sent into World Mission. All of this reflects the potential and power of this approach to World Mission.

At this juncture Partners International Canada stands on the dedicated and passionate work of former Presidents, Dr. George Doxsee and Rev. Grover Crosby. They have built the foundation from which we have continued to move forward. Their work is recognized and valued.

50 years is a long time. And the world has changed. Is the model of holistic mission carried on by this organization still relevant? Since I have worked with PI Canada, 1 billion people have been added to the planet’s population. Most are found in non-Christian, underdeveloped places. Partnership is not only relevant, it is the only way to face the challenge. The power of partnership remains undiminished. On a recent visit to Kolkata India, I saw the engagement of one of our partners who has started 390 churches, who ministers to 7400 children every week and who runs a network of after-care facilities for girls trafficked into the sex trade as well as providing many training programs for women and slum children. This has only been achievable through forging a partnership that mobilizes grass-roots efforts.

We look back on our 50 year journey as the foundation from which we can look expectantly into the future. God has directed our steps and brought us to this point. We have never been more ready than now to embrace new challenges in serving this world that is full of pain and darkness. Please join us on the journey in bringing joy, peace, hope and salvation to hundreds of thousands in the years ahead.

And thank-you. You have always been a key part of these incredible partnerships.