Church Engagement

Partners International loves the church. We believe the greatest force for good in the entire world is the local church doing what the local church does best – sharing the good news of Jesus and reaching out with the love of Christ to its own community and beyond.

God is raising up Spirit-filled leaders around the world who desire to bring the good news of Jesus to the very ends of the earth. These brothers and sisters already live in or near these places and are willing to take great risks to share their faith and demonstrate God’s love despite the challenges and difficulty.

Dr. Johannes Reimer from the World Evangelical Alliance recently said, “The future of mission does not lie with the Western Church any longer. Indigenous churches and leaders in the majority world are the focus of 21st century mission.”

At Partners International, we are passionate about connecting YOUR church to Churches and church leaders who are busy building the church and transforming communities in places your church or congregation could never go.

Partners International helps your church to connect to some of the most vibrant and effective church leaders alive today.

Your church is sure to be inspired and challenged by the faith, sacrifice and courage of these apostolic leaders who have the vision and courage to share the love of Christ in some of the least reached and most difficult places on earth.

We help you to maximize your global mission investment and be on the front lines of God’s work in this world.

The People’s Church, Toronto

“The Peoples Church has been in mission partnership with Partners International for more than 40 years. Partners International’s model of connecting global leaders serving in their national settings has strengthened the international church in fulfilling its mission and allowed for a truly kingdom model of mutual resource sharing. We have been incredibly blessed through our global relationships established through Partners International Canada. These global relationships have helped us to learn and grow in our mission focus and initiatives.”

– Sandra Ryan, Missions Pastor


a monthly giving opportunity to support local leaders

Our Local Leaders are evangelists, pastors, and ministry leaders who have been called to share the love of Jesus in their own countries and contexts.

They lead and plant churches, share the good news of Jesus, oversee community transformation projects, and administer justice or compassion programs that bring dignity and aid to people in desperate situations. It is often through community transformation that our partners build respect and a platform to share the good news of Jesus.

Our approach is to resource, equip and encourage these amazing men and women and to connect them with churches like yours, building powerful partnerships across the cultures.

Crossroads Church, Red Deer

“As a mission’s pastor I am seeking to help our church see the great need and opportunity of partnering with local ministry leaders. I know this is the most effective way to spread the gospel in the furthest to reach nations. As we partner with leaders that are already fluent in the local language and culture, connected into the community and need no visa to remain in country we are being great stewards of what God has blessed us with. My team and I have been so impressed with the solid partners we are able to support through Partners International. Partners does all the vetting, training and reporting in such a way that we have full confidence as we send our support to a small organization in a far off land that God’s work is being accomplished.”

– Tracy Minke, Mission Pastor

Church Engagement!

Are you looking for ways to engage your church in mission? We have a few ways we can help: