August 2021 we celebrated our 1st Year Anniversary of the Partners Kids program! We are so happy to celebrate this milestone. When you are a part of the Partners Kids community, you are supporting children all over the world. Together we help children in poverty receive education, medical care, and mentorship. Our incredible Partners Kids programs connect families with the help they need and allow us to share the Gospel and disciple kids in their faith. We have seen time and again how children’s lives are changed as they grow and develop in God’s love.

*Names have been changed for the security of the individual

One of the people deeply impacted by a Partners Kids program is Adam*. Adam was born in India. When he was just two years old, his father was killed in a car accident. Adam’s mother struggled to take care of Adam and his older sister when a friend of hers shared about the Partners Kids program. Though the program was over an hour away, her friend encouraged Adam’s mother to bring her kids each week and she did.

Partners Kids provided tuition expenses for Adam and his sister and made sure they had the school supplies that they needed. As well, each week healthy food and drinks were provided for them. Partners Kids also helped the family whenever they had medical expenses. This was a huge relief for Adam’s mom. The help was so timely for her family and she loved how the volunteers at the program invested into her kids’ lives. Even though Adam was extremely shy, he loved going every week with his friends to learn about Jesus and play fun games. The leaders encouraged him to make good choices for his future.

Without support from people like you, both Adam and his sister would not have been able to go to school. Adam shares, “Had it not been for the Partners Kids Program, I couldn’t have completed my studies.” This would have been especially disappointing as Adam turned out to be a promising student. He finished high school with an outstanding average that enabled him to go to university in the subject of his choice. This is especially impressive as India remains one of the most competitive countries in the world for entering university.

While attending university, Adam began to tutor students in his neighbourhood at the Partners Kids center. He earned money for his work and at the same time, he found it rewarding to help kids that reminded him of himself as a child. Many of them faced similar hardships as he once had and he empathized with them. At this time he also attended a youth camp connected to Partners Kids and it helped him gain new insights about God and Jesus. He started reading more about Jesus and received guidance from his mentors and leaders at Partners Kids. Through this, he felt himself growing close to God in a more personal way and he knew he wanted to commit his life to Jesus. When he was asked to share his testimony at his local church he was nervous. He says, “I still remember how my feet trembled, and how I choked up when I had to speak in front of my church congregation. With God’s strength, I overcame my fear and even began working as a youth leader in my church.”

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Adam felt a burden to reach children in the Partners Kids program. He had a clear vision of helping kids and their families and sharing the Gospel with them. He knew the impact that Partners Kids had on his own life and began to dream that the children he encountered would also experience the love and abundant life that God promised through His Gospel.

This dream became a reality when Adam became a full-time staff member at Partners Kids in India. After five years, Adam was recognized for his leadership qualities, and was given responsibility for the whole program! He finds great joy in leading this program and the 900 children they currently serve. He is especially grateful to the program because it was here that he met his wife.

Adam shares, “The Partners Kids program transformed my life both spiritually and academically. It enabled me to complete high school and pursue my dreams. I am so grateful to my mentors, leaders and all of the staff that walked many extra miles with me for my development. It gives me immense joy when I see a child growing in front of my eyes, completing their studies, and accepting Jesus as their Saviour.”

What an amazing story of transformation to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Not only was Adam’s life transformed by God through Partners Kids but now he is part of transforming the next generation too! We have seen so many kids grow up in our programs and learn to give back to those around them. God is using them mightily to bring the next generation of kids to Him. We are so grateful to be a part of this work with Canadian partners.

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