Alexandra is a single mother of three in Moldova. Her children are now the fourth generation to experience deep brokenness. Alexandra’s mother became a single mother after she was sexually exploited by her boss. She became an alcoholic and eventually abandoned her daughter. Alexandra now lives in a run-down clay house with her grandparents, who are both addicted to alcohol. This living arrangement is volatile and abusive, especially when her grandfather drinks to excess. Alexandra Is often forced to find alternative places for her and the children to stay. She is highly vulnerable and an easy target for exploitation.

Fortunately, Alexandra heard about our local partner from another single mother who benefitted from their programs. On her first visit to receive assistance, she was assessed by the staff, who recognized that her situation required more than just financial help. She was encouraged to start coming to the Early Learning Center with her children, which is helping her break the cycle of abuse and vulnerability. This ministry provides young mothers with healthy parenting models and teaches them to recognize and escape exploitation and abuse patterns. Other programs like the Art Therapy Centre are available to Alexandra as she finds healing. The goal is for her and her children to experience wholeness and to become part of a loving and nurturing Christian community.

Our partner in Moldova’s holistic ministry is transforming young men and women and has become a model that is being replicated across the former Soviet Union and Central Asia.

The Global Impact Community is helping Alexandra and many others experience lasting transformation through holistically meeting the needs of vulnerable communities around the world.