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Empowering Bengali communities through discipleship training, church planting, and holistic community services. 








Bangladesh is a densely populated country with over half of the population living below the poverty line. The country is plagued with frequent natural disasters including floods and cyclones. The political unrest and religious tension in Bangladesh add to the complexity and struggle within this context. Struggles within communities are only exasperated by the lack of literacy in rural parts of the country where people have little to no understanding of their rights.  

We have been working alongside our ministry partner, the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF), throughout the nation since 2004. BBCF is a denomination of churches that is passionately committed to planting churches that serve the country’s tribal groups as well as Hindu and Muslim communities through vigorous discipleship training and holistic community services.

Programs Include

1. Community Development

Transforming communities

Establishing stronger, safer, and more sustainable communities through development initiatives like animal enterprise, building wells, and providing medical services. Within our community development initiative we have implemented an Adopt-A-Village program that supports a pastor couple to move into a local community to share the love of God, establish a church family, and carry out community programs to address locally identified problems.

2. Sponsor a National Leader

Missionary support

National Leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to unreached communities across Bangladesh.

3. Sponsor a Child

Caring for children

Providing subsidies for meals, a healthy environment, and Christian education for poor Christian tribal families.  

Partner with us

to establish the Church in the Muslim and Hindu communities in Bangladesh.

Stories from the field

For the longest time, I had a desire to participate on a mission trip (Discovery Trip).  I had heard so many amazing experiences of others who had already gone on trips and listened as each shared how God was at work all around the world.  One year, I went to a Mission Fest Conference and
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