So much of our work around the world involves navigating complex logistics to reach unreached people groups. In Nepal, our local leaders have to cross rivers and climb mountains to reach remote communities. They take dirt bikes up muddy hillsides. Sometimes the mountainous roads have waterfalls running over them and our team has to be careful not to get washed off the side of the cliffs.

Other local leaders in India and Bangladesh spend a lot of time walking from village to village to share the gospel and nurture house churches.

In Peru and Brazil, local leaders navigate long winding rivers that take twice as long to paddle upstream than downstream. Often their trips in the Amazon require days traveling by river to get to tribal communities where they are building relationships.

Even regular travel by our local partners in cars, SUVs and vans through cities and villages is much harder on vehicles than what we experience here due to potholes, debris and a lack of paved roads. Tires need replacing and engines need maintenance in order to carry out the valuable work they do.


Anas, a local pastor, shares, “For a long time, I prayed to the Lord for a bicycle. I couldn’t afford one, and I used to walk to places to minister to people in surrounding villages. When I received a bicycle from Partners I became more efficient in my ministry, had more reach, and wasted less time travelling. Visiting people in their homes is vital when they are new believers or just hearing the Gospel for the first time. It has given me the ability to reach many more souls that need the message of God.”

In Latin America, we were able to give our local leaders new boat engines for their boats last year. The team was thrilled! Pastor Lidio said “We have been praying for boat engines for years so we can reach the communities. Today we see the answer to our prayers. Thank you to all those who gave to make this possible!”

Supporting our partners in their transportation needs multiplies our outcomes by adding efficiency, saving time and increasing our local leaders’ safety. Bicycles, motorbikes and boat engines are treasured by our local leaders. When you give a gift towards transportation you are making an investment in our ministry work in an invaluable way.

If you are interested in giving a gift of transportation, check out our Gift Catalogue project Transportation for an Evangelist: