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Afghanistan Relief...

On August 15, the Taliban took control of the capital city of Kabul. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are in turmoil and many have fled to the Pakistan border. Our local partner in Pakistan is already at the border helping families in need.

We are committed to helping those suffering in and around the borders of Afghanistan. We are working at long term solutions to make sure these families are cared for in a holistic way.

Your gift will help provide immediate help in ways of food and provision of basic needs as well as relationship building to meet spiritual and emotional needs they are dealing with.

Brazil Ministry Advancement...

There are thousands of villages scattered along Brazil’s coastline and in the Amazon Basin. These communities are only accessible by boat and are inhabited by people who have never heard the gospel. These are home to fishermen and heir families. The water sustains them — but just barely. They are isolated from the education, medical care and gainful employment they need to improve their lives. As a result, many families are caught in a cycle of poverty and there is despread substance and other forms of abuse.

Our local partner in Brazil has a team of 162 missionaries who serve these remote fishing villages. Our missionaries lead with the gospel and follow up with practical care such as medical teams and support for vulnerable children. The ministry pioneers new fields, calls the Brazilian church to follow, hands over the ministry, and moves on to new frontiers. Over the last 30 years this has led to tremendous growth and expanded vision.

Join us in partnership with Brazil, as we journey into the Brazilian Amazon to bring the gospel to every unreached village.

Care for the Persecuted Church...

In the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Central Asia, people risk the destruction of their property, losing their jobs, physical abuse and death to follow Christ. Their families, employers and communities ostracize them. Your gift helps our partners to care for persecuted Christians and their families in practical ways including safe houses, relief packages, and ongoing spiritual and emotional support.

Cuba Ministry Advancement...

The complex political and religious environment in Cuba continues to make life difficult for Cubans and the local church. With the global pandemic, the situation has become worse with greater shortages of food and basic necessities.

Despite the ongoing challenges, our local partner in Cuba has continued to grow and many people accept the promise of new life in Jesus. We supports a group of more than 1,500 committed church leaders who are bringing the Gospel and serving their communities in practical ways. They are also equipping the next generation of believers by providing Missionary Training, which has resulted in a dynamic movement of new disciples.

Your contribution to Cuba allows our local partners to continue to carry on church planting activities, leadership training and disaster relief.

Global Impact Partner - Monthly...

The Global Impact Community shares a deep desire to advance the Gospel and support the needs of vulnerable communities around the world. It’s a passionate community of monthly givers, made up of people like you, who believe that every need around the globe is important and should be met. Together we are meeting those needs through the power of partnership!

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