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Studio of Innovative Leadership...

The Studio of Innovative Leadership (SIL) is an open platform to equip a new generation of vibrant Christian leaders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The ultimate goal of the program is to reshape culture and produce long-term transformation through the development of relevant and innovative ministries. The program identifies visionary Christian leaders and launches them as catalysts in society. There are currently 116 students in the program. Around 50 % of SIL students are in full-time ministry and 80-85% are active ministers in their churches. Their initiative to impact their societies for the gospel span from church-based to ministry enterprise, to social and business enterprise. It is exciting to see SIL leaders creating inroads for the gospel in secular and Muslim contexts and among least reached peoples in a number of restricted access countries.

10 Bibles in a Local Language...

Distribute Bibles in local languages worldwide and enhance people’s understanding of Scripture while fostering a stronger connection to God.

A Borehole Well...

Change a community in Nigeria, Kenya or Bangladesh forever by providing permanent clean water infrastructure.

These wells prevent needless deaths and will catalyze the health and development of a whole community experiencing poverty.

A Warm Blanket for the Winter...

As winter approaches, the lack of insulation and heating systems in rural villages leaves thousands vulnerable, making a blanket crucial for those in need during cold snaps, especially families, orphans and the elderly.

Accelerate Church Planting in Southeast Asia...

Aid church planting, leadership development, and evangelism initiatives among unreached people groups in Buddhist-majority nations, including Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.

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