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Church Growth - Nepal...

Our vision is to establish vibrant communities of faith among all unreached people groups in Nepal, in all 36 districts. Your gift today will build the church by supporting mostly bi-vocational evangelists and leaders to bring hope and transformation to their communities. Last year these leaders established 65 new churches and house fellowships.

Duars Rural Development Project - Ministry Advancement ...

In the shadows of the Indian Himalayan Region, tea plantation workers toil to earn wages that barely feed their families.

Many are landless, oppressed, and lacking in opportunity. Necessities like education are unavailable, which perpetuates a vicious cycle of generational poverty.

The people long for the message of eternal hope.

We have been working in India alongside our partner, Duars Rural Development Project (DRDP), since 1977.

Our partnership focuses on serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in North Bengal through a holistic approach.

Emergency relief for the vulnerable...

The effects of war, natural disasters and health pandemics are a terrible reality for many. Your gift builds a fund that provides immediate, life-saving help when a disaster strikes. Our partners on the ground mobilize local leaders and churches to provide emergency relief and assistance.

Enable mobile medical assistance...

A mobile clinic is an efficient way to bring healthcare to rural villages and communities lacking sufficient medical options. This program is in great demand and requested often by villagers. Your gift enables the mobile clinic team to run a clinic in a community servicing up to 500 individuals.

Give 2 goats & launch a livestock business...

Your gift of a goat makes a difference for a family living in poverty. When you give a goat, you help struggling families generate a sustainable source of income by selling milk and its offspring.

Give a Bible in a local language...

Reading the Bible remains the most effective discipleship practice on earth. When our partners provide the word of God in a local language, they empower people to get to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and share the good news with others. Provide one man, woman or child with the gift of God’s word in their local language. Your gift will help one person by empowering them to get to know Jesus, grow in their faith and share the good news with others. 

Give a micro-loan to help start a business...

Animals and micro-loans help families increase their income and raise their standard of living in a sustainable way. This enables parents to send their children to school, repair their homes and pay for medical expenses.

Give an entrepreneurial gift today!

Give a sewing machine to a female entrepreneur...

Training centres teach women the necessary skills to manage a small business. Your gift of a sewing machine provides the capital a woman needs to create household income by launching a profitable tailoring business.

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