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Anti-trafficking Education for an Entire Community...

Our prevention team visits a vulnerable community in India or Nepal and provides seminars for parents. They explain how traffickers operate and offer strategies to keep kids safe. They also share help-phone lines where families can check the legitimacy of job offers and report suspected trafficking activities.

Baby Chicks...

A handful of baby chicks is the beginning of a second income and sustenance for families stuck in cycles of poverty. At $1 per chick, give as many as you can; they come in trays of 25.

Backpack of School Supplies for a Student in Namibia...

Your gift provides a backpack full of school supplies and hygiene products to a vulnerable child or youth in Namibia.

Care for a Widow in Nepal...

In rural Nepal, widows face blame, rejection, and desperate poverty; your gift supplies one month of care packages delivered through a local church.

Care for HIV+ Orphans in India...

Many children with HIV have either lost their parents to the disease or have been abandoned. Your gift provides a child with individualized medical care, opportunities for education and a loving home.

CTM High School...

Changing Times Centre ministers in Nairobi, Kenya.
Established for over 10 years and serves their community through medical clinics, various support groups (HIV, widows, single parents) and leadership training. Many of the children who enter their doors are orphans and live in extreme poverty.

Drill a Well...

Supplying clean water boosts health, productivity, and reduces child mortality rates. A gift of:

  • $1,300 installs an arsenic-proof tube well,
  • $3,900 provides a village filtration system,
  • $5,200 enables a deep-tube well installation in challenging terrain.
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