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Help provide Covid-19 Relief...

This past year has been difficult with the outbreak of Covid-19 as our local partners navigate how to continue doing ministry in this new era. Your gift helps provide people who live in extreme poverty life saving measures as they deal with Covid-19.

Kamati Ekonia...

Kamati’s journey took him from rural Namibia to Canada and back. Today Kamati is inspiring and equipping vulnerable youth to transform the shanty towns surrounding Windhoek.

Kamati wants to empower youth to reach for the stars and also give back to their communities. He provides after school programming to mentor hundreds of vulnerable youth and children. Programs including sports, tutoring, nutrition and school support. Join with Kamati to build a better future for at risk youth in Namibia.

Mahima Aftercare Homes ...

The Mahima Homes ministry consists of several care homes that provide restoration and reintegration programs for individuals rescued from the sex trade. Support at the homes includes medical care, legal aid, and counselling and facilitates healing, the creation of new lifestyle patterns, and prepares them to re-enter society. This ministry reduces the incidence of child trafficking in Kolkata brothels.

Middle East Ministry Advancement...

Your gift today will help to build the church by training and equipping Christian leaders to bring hope and transformation to their communities within the Middle East including countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

This region can be a challenging and dangerous context surrounded by turmoil and constant instability. Our local partners on the ground are committed to bringing the Good News to all people and bring help and support to hurting communities.

Ministry Leader Training...

The TETMI Leaders Formation Program is designed to develop enough servant leaders to meet the needs of a rapidly growing church planting movement. The church-based training equips leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to establish healthy churches and expand the kingdom of God in southeast Nigeria.

Myanmar Relief...

Myanmar has made headlines in the news over the last couple of months due to a military coup that started on February 1. The unrest poses severe implications for the local economy, job security, and safety for families who are already struggling. 

Our local partners are on the ground and ready to serve those in need. 

Your gift today will help us provide impoverished families and refugees in Myanmar and Thailand with basic medical supplies and food packages containing oil, rice, canned goods, etc. It will also go toward other essential needs of the families as they arise. 

$50 dollars will provide immediate relief for one family.

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