Covid-19 and its variants continue to rage across India. Each week we are getting updates from our many partners that range from the north to the south of the country. This past week we heard about some slow improvements in south India but things in the north and northeast are as challenging as ever. There are vaccination shortages throughout the entire country and the death toll continues to rise.

This past week we heard the following from our partners:

Joshua, a key leader overseeing more than 300 churches in the north shares, “We are here by the grace of God. Many pastors and church leaders are passing away. We hear of someone almost every day.”

Another leader, physician Dr. Thomas describes the situation. He says, “It’s crazy here. Cases are increasing every day. Vaccines are out of stock. People in the villages are really struggling.”

The lack of healthcare infrastructure in both urban and rural areas has led to major strain in caring for the sick. Managing the complex logistics of distributing vaccines within the second most populated country in the world has been an extraordinary challenge. With the hottest months of May and June upon us, keeping vaccines at the proper temperatures requires much greater effort. On top of it all, the lockdowns to contain the virus have been devastating to the poor.

Through it all we stand with our partners to carry out relief efforts together. From the beginning of the pandemic until today we survey communities and assess the most critical needs. Then we provide food relief, giving food packages to families to carry them through this ongoing crisis. We also connect our local church network to continue relationships with those receiving relief.

One family of six found themselves on the brink of starvation during this time. Unable to leave their homes or work, Pratima and her husband Sushanto had no food left to feed their four children. Our local partners learned about this family and immediately went to their home to deliver food rations, including rice, lentils, potatoes, and cooking oil that would last them for several weeks. Pratima and Sushanto were incredibly grateful for the help that enabled them to survive.

Along with food relief, we continue to run our medical camps to assist with healthcare needs. Our field workers also direct people with Covid-19 towards the proper channels for getting help. Right now we are working to convert a partner hospital in a tribal area into a Covid-19 Relief Centre. This will become a site where testing can be conducted, oxygen supplied to patients, and vaccinations carried out.

All of our relief work has been made possible through your generous donations.

The Covid crisis in India is far from over. Will you continue to assist our relief work in India by providing a monthly donation until we see a breakthrough?