Children living with HIV/AIDS in regions of India face harsh injustice. Many HIV+ children become orphans because their parents die from the virus, leaving them with family members who neglect them. Some become street children and many lack access to the medical care they need.

Through our local partner in India, we educate families to care for HIV+ children, connect them with resources, and provide a home for HIV+ children living on the street or in abusive households. This home offers specialized services that will allow children with HIV to live to their fullest potential, surrounded by love and opportunity.

Jaya was born with HIV. Her parents also had HIV and passed away whens he was too young to understand. When her parents died, Jaya’s 12-year-old brother started working to support the family. Around that time, Jaya stopped going to school because she was always ill. Jaya didn’t know she was sick until the age of 10. When Jaya’s relatives learned that she had HIV, they shunned her. Her own family feared that she would bring a curse into their home that would harm them. She suffered daily.

One of our local pastors was sharing the Gospel in Jaya’s community and telling people about our support for children with HIV/AIDS. Jaya couldn’t believe that there were people who wanted to care for her. After learning more about the home, she wanted to live there to experience the love she deeply desired.

We brought Jaya to our children’s home. She is loved and accepted by her caretakers and by Jesus. Jaya has continued her studies and pursuing her interests. She also receives regular medical treatment for her condition. Jaya shared, “I love my new home; it is a place of love and happiness!”

Partners Kids gives children like Jaya the education and care every child deserves.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,
for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14