Meet our Local Partners

Partnership is everything to us!

Since our humble beginnings with one local leader in China, Partners International has encouraged, equipped and resourced the vision of extraordinary local Christian leaders who have been raised up by God to change the spiritual and social landscape in the most challenging parts of our world. Our local leaders know the culture, language, customs, attitudes and perspectives of the people where they live and work. They possess the cultural sensitivity required to build bridges of trust and the courage to take great risks to share the love of Christ.



Raul serving in Peru

Establishing an authentically indigenous Amazon church.

Raul belongs to the Hunikuin people group and grew up deep in the Amazon between the border of Peru and Brazil. He is passionate about the isolated and marginalized tribal peoples in Peru.


Below is a list of local leaders we are in partnership with:

*not all are listed for security reasons


Victor Quesada, Cuba

Partner since 1995

Victor leads the Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba, which is a denomination of over 500 churches and includes a vast network of mission groups and home churches committed to holistically serving Cubans in need.

Brother David, Pakistan

Partner since 2007

David leads a community development organization in Pakistan called ChrisFon. His team engages in poverty alleviation programs and their support specifically helps women, children, and bonded labourers in brick kilns and agriculture.

Leor Sarkar, Bangladesh

Partner since 2004

Leor leads Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship, which is a denomination of churches that is passionately committed to planting churches and serving communities through discipleship training and holistic community services.

Joseph Najem, Middle East and North Africa

Partner since 1994

Joseph leads the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon, which plants churches, trains leaders, and transforms communities in the Middle East and North Africa. They are a cornerstone to refugee communities that actively empowers displaced families with the support and stability necessary to rebuild their lives.

Jossour (Bridges of Hope), Middle East and North Africa

Partner since 2019

Jossour equips the church in the Arab world to embrace mission. Jossour operates a school of missions, and deploys Arab mission teams and long term field staff to the Middle East, North Africa, Sahel and Europe.

Nicholas Narjinary, India

Partner since 1977

Nicholas is the founder of Duars Rural Development Project, which carries out various community development initiatives in the areas of tribal conflict and natural disasters. They are also raising a new generation in India to end the cycle of poverty by providing quality education at the Cornerstone School.

Finney Thomas, India

Partner since 1977

Finney leads a well-regarded Christian ministry based in Kolkata called Jatiyo Kristiyo Prochar Samity (JKPS). JKPS focuses on church planting, community development, leadership training and children’s programs.

Emmanuel Ministries, India

Partner since 1977

Emmanuel Ministries meets people's needs through practical initiatives such as education, clean water projects, vocational training for women, and loan programs for poverty-stricken families. They also run a grassroots training program to disciple leaders and develop new churches.

Bhim Lal and Kalpana Tamang, Nepal

Partner since 1999

Bhim Lal and Kalpana lead Good Friends of Nepal (GFN), which serves unreached people groups across Nepal, meeting the spiritual, physical, and social needs of Nepalese people. Their initiatives target vulnerable people, namely impoverished families, at-risk and abandoned children and youth, and destitute widows.

Raul Castillo, Peru

Partner since 2006

Raul leads the Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru (MINAP), which serves the native people groups living in remote regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Their holistic programs offer health services, clean water initiatives, and education. They use storytelling to share the Gospel and plant healthy churches among tribal communities.

Marcio and Damaris Garcia, Brazil

Partner since 1986

Marcio and Damaris founded the Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen (EMAF). They bring the hope of the Gospel and holistic development to remote fishing communities along Brazil’s coast and into the Amazon.

George Okoyo, Kenya

Partner since 2012

George leads Changing Times Ministry in Kenya. They serve communities in East Africa and focuses on education and empowering women and children. The ministry also provides training opportunities for rural church leaders to share the Gospel and establish healthy churches in Kenya effectively.

Kamati Ekonia, Namibia

Partner since 2016

Kamati leads a ministry called Kamati’s Kids where he invests in the lives of young people in practical ways, namely through education and sport, to mentor and develop spiritual values and life skills.

David and Hope Umune, Nigeria

Partner since 1999

David and Hope lead The Evangelizers’ Team Ministries International (TETMI). They focus on sharing the Gospel, providing quality education, discipleship training, church planting and community development.

Beginning of Life, Moldova

Partner since 2011

Beginning of Life supports trafficking and abuse victims, young single mothers, and abandoned children through prevention and restoration programs. They also invest in Moldova's future leaders' lives to bring about lasting change in the nation for years to come.