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Transforming a nation through prevention and restoration programs.







Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and life for many is full of difficulties. Few opportunities exist within the country which has led to a mass migration of Moldovans–all in search of work abroad. Many children are left behind without parental care or proper education. Those still living with parents often experience domestic abuse and neglect. Human trafficking in Moldova is also an ever-present danger that causes trauma and brokenness. Women and children in the country are especially vulnerable to human trafficking.

We have been working alongside our ministry partner in Moldova, Beginning of Life (BOL) since 2011. The BOL vision is to transform the nation through prevention and restoration programs that support victims of trafficking and abuse, young single mothers and abandoned children.  The ministry also invests in the lives of Moldova’s future leaders, to bring about lasting change in the nation for years to come.

Programs Include

1. Studio of Innovative Leadership

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

The Studio of Innovative Leadership is a platform for raising and equipping a new generation of vibrant leaders. The program identifies leaders and develops them as catalysts in society. The ultimate goal of the program is to raise up a generation that will positively shape the current culture in Moldova and produce long-term transformation.

2. Reintegration Program

Restoring the lives of young women

BOL works with young women who are victims of human trafficking in Moldova in order to rehabilitate and reintegrate them back into society. The Reintegration Program offers a number of healthy and constructive environments for women to heal from past trauma, regain a healthy sense of identity and help women reintegrate to lead successful lives. The program includes a centre for victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking where women receive counselling and other forms of support. It also provides art therapy services, as well as a prevention centre for young women at risk.

3. Early Learning Centre

Support for single moms

The Early Learning Centre in Moldova supports single mothers to help prevent child abandonment and empower each mother with tools to cultivate a safe environment and a bright future for her children.

Partner with us

to transform Moldova through prevention and restoration programs

Stories from the field

As our Discovery Trip team from HillCity Church continues to visit and understand the context that our partner, Beginning of Life works in, we wanted to share this short post from one of the team members, Hailey Wall. As the team continues to see the work that Vladimir Ubeivolc and his team are doing to
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