Working long hours. Preparing meals. Washing clothes. Fixing things around the house. Wiping tears. Saying extra prayers. Answering hard questions. Instilling values. Encouraging the family. 

These are but a few roles mother’s around the world carry out each day. 

Every mother is unique but shares an extraordinary calling in our homes and communities around the world. They are on the front lines of a vital mission field that leads the next generation with incredible, God-given strength and determination.

Both here and abroad, mothers are faced with heavy burdens, including the health and protection of their children, the uncertainty of the family’s next meal, the lack of means and even the limited access to medical care.   

Meet a mother in India

Pratima lives in a small village in the Hooghly province of West Bengal with her husband, Sushanto and their four children.

They don’t have land of their own and depend on finding work each day to support their family. Pratima and her husband typically travel to nearby cities and towns, searching for jobs. Still, because of the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, both Pratima and her husband cannot work.

Without jobs or savings and four mouths to feed, Pratima and Sushanto struggled to make ends meet every day. 

As a mother, Pratima’s greatest concern is for the health and safety of her children. The thought of not having what you need to feed or protect your children from harm is a heartbreaking reality for mothers like Pratima. 

When she felt hopeless about her family’s future, our local partners learned about Pratima and her family’s needs. They came alongside Pratima to provide life-saving support. 

Pratima’s family—who would have otherwise starved—received food rations, including rice, lentils, potatoes, and cooking oil that would last them for a few weeks. 

Not only were their immediate needs addressed, serving people in need creates avenues for our partner to establish relationships with the people in these communities that are built on trust, presenting opportunities to share the gospel and meet spiritual, social and emotional needs as well.

Pratima and many other mothers have a deepened gratitude for God’s provision over their lives and the lives of their families. 

Still, the situation in India has worsened. Pratima is one of the hundreds of mothers in India in need. Families like Pratima’s are vulnerable and faced with starvation, unemployment and no guarantee of medical care.    

This Mother’s Day, honour a mother in need by providing holistic, life-saving support today.  



  • Pray for the provision of necessary essentials, medical support and more to help mother’s and families in need.  
  • Pray for mothers and families impacted by COVID-19, especially in countries like India and Brazil.  
  • Pray for mothers who have lost their children and those who have lost their mothers.  
  • Pray for holistic transformation through the gospel of Jesus in unreached communities around the globe.