Thank you for giving towards our relief work in Myanmar! Relief funds reached our partner churches in Thailand, enabling them to stock ferry boats with food and medicine. Brave Christians volunteered to take the boats across the Moei River, the natural border between Thailand and Myanmar. These supplies were a significant help to the large group of displaced people living along the riverbank.

Many people fled their villages after the Myanmar military bombed a series of communities in an attempt to harm the civilian army. Now a large gathering of internally displaced people live along the river, hoping that Thailand opens their border. In the meantime, they wait in fear of another military attack, unable to cross the river but with nothing left of their homes and farms.

Our Myanmar relief work focuses on helping these people. Our team distributed rice, vegetables, milk and other food staples to families and provided medical assistance to sick and injured individuals. This help was greatly appreciated by the people.

Supply trips across the river are essential but very dangerous. The Myanmar military sometimes shoots at boats suspected of bringing goods across the border.

Thankfully, we heard from the field, “Praise God that we have just received news that all of the rice bags and medicine have safely reached the people of Myanmar!”

Your donations to Myanmar relief work are making an incredible difference. With every gift you empower courageous local Christians to care for the people of Myanmar trapped in conflict.

We will continue using relief funds to send shipments of goods to this community of displaced people. We are also preparing to provide relief in the northeast region of the country where another large group of displaced people are arriving.

Support Myanmar Relief Work

You can continue helping the people of Myanmar here:

Our local partners are on the ground and ready to serve those in need due to the current unrest. Your gift today will help us provide impoverished families and refugees in Myanmar and Thailand with basic medical supplies and food packages containing oil, rice, canned goods, etc. It will also go toward other essential needs of the families as they arise.

The impact of your contribution will not end when the immediate relief phase is over. Our local ministry missionaries in Myanmar will support families through this difficult time and help to rebuild their lives.