Our Mission

There are dark places in the world, where life is hard, food security is rare, civil rights are foreign and the ever-present fear of violence exists. In these places women have no rights, widows are outcasts and victims of sexual abuse have no refuge. People are marginalized, ignored and forgotten. Hopelessness overwhelms the people.

Over 2 billion people have never heard the Gospel and live without hope.
We are on a mission to change that by building the church and transforming communities.

Building the church

Darkness cannot exist when there is light. By building the church, God’s light reaches the farthest places of the world and brings people a hope that lasts. We believe that real transformation can only happen through Jesus. The church plays a vital role in demonstrating the love of Jesus to the world.

Transforming communities

Together we intentionally work in dark places, motivated to share God’s love in practical ways. We do this while confronting cultural barriers and norms in order to transform lives and entire communities for the kingdom of God.