David and Hope Umune

Empowering and evangelizing in rural Nigeria

David and Hope Umune

Fostering a healthy church planting movement in southeast Nigeria

Inspired by his father’s sacrificial love for the spiritual welfare of rural Nigerians, David Umune along with his wife, Hope has developed a dynamic ministry whose initiatives have broken through the repressive barriers of rural communities bringing spiritual freedom, peace, education and health to thousands. David’s calling led him into direct confrontation with powers of darkness that threatened to destroy his life, family, and ministry but these attacks were overcome through great faith and leadership and by the grace of God. A once struggling ministry, their ministry is now recognized as “the rural evangelism people” of southeast Nigeria serving rural communities through a holistic approach to development.

Partnership Focus

Our partnership in Nigeria focuses on sharing the Gospel, providing quality education, discipleship training, church planting and community development.

Featured Projects

Ministry Leader Training

The TETMI Leaders Formation Program is designed to develop enough servant leaders to meet the needs of a rapidly growing church planting movement. The church-based training equips leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to establish healthy churches and expand the kingdom of God in southeast Nigeria.

Nigeria Ministry Advancement

The Ibo-Edda people live in Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria, where low levels of education, food insecurity, unsafe drinking water, and poor sanitation afflict their communities. Many villages in this region do not have schools for their
children to attend. The school buildings in certain areas are in poor condition and lack qualified teachers. Children end up working in the fields and seldom learn to read or write. In addition to the Ibo-Edda tribe, several other unreached people groups in Nigeria have yet to hear the good news about Jesus. Generations of Nigerians live in a perpetual cycle of poverty, lack necessary skills and live without hope.

We have been working in Nigeria with our local partner since 1999. Our partnership focuses on sharing the gospel, providing quality education, discipleship training, church planting and community development. Their schools are life-changing institutions, introducing Jesus to students from an early age. Villages are being transformed and have made way for a growing church planting movement in Nigeria.

Join us by supporting the ministry advancement in Nigeria to restore the hope of the people and advance the kingdom.