Raul Castillo

Establishing an authentically indigenous Amazon church

Raul Castillo

Establishing an authentically indigenous Amazon church

Raul belongs to the Hunikuin people group and grew up deep in the Amazon between the border of Peru and Brazil. Raul lost his dad at an early age. His mother remarried, but his step-father resented Raul, so he grew up lacking basic things like clothing, food, and the love of a father. One of the founders of our local partner ministry visited his community when Raul was in his late teens. Raul heard the Gospel and learned he had a Heavenly Father that loved and cared for him. Since then, Raul became a believer and was equipped to serve in ministry. He helped found a church in his own community and even baptized his step-father. Today, Raul is leader of the same ministry that shared the Gospel with him. He along with his wife Ayda, is a beacon of light for isolated and marginalized tribal peoples in Peru.

Partnership Focus

Our partnership in Peru serves the native people groups living in remote regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Their holistic programs offer health services, clean water initiatives, and education. They use storytelling to share the Gospel and plant healthy churches among tribal communities.

Featured Projects

Afghanistan Relief

On August 15, the Taliban took control of the capital city of Kabul. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are in turmoil and the people there are struggling and living in fear. Our local partner is currently responding to the need the best they can but need help.

Please consider giving a gift today to help provide relief for 100 families with the gift of food, clean water and basic necessities:

$300 will help provide for one family for one month
$10 will help a family for one day

Bangladesh Ministry Advancement

Bangladesh is a developing nation, ranked as the most densely populated country in the world. In recent years, development efforts have made significant strides in the area of poverty alleviation. However, one in every four people still live in poverty, and natural disasters leave more than 1 million homeless each year.

Our work alongside our local partner is committed to planting churches that serve tribal groups as well as Hindu and Muslim communities in Bangladesh. To accomplish the great commission and establish healthy churches, many village pastors and evangelists receive training for ministry and church planting in rural areas across the country. The next generation of church leaders is also being developed through intentional youth discipleship training and in the Children’s Home ministry. Despite religious tension,our holistic approach has been effectively serving the people of Bangladesh, bringing hope to many.

Join us in partnership in Bangladesh to empower Bengali communities and build the church in this region.