Bob Wood

Fundraising for 10 Projects in 10 Countries in 10 Years

Bob Wood, President of Foundation Distributing Inc.

FOUNDATION distributing’s relationship with Partners International began quite simply through their Hope in Action gift catalogue. Upon receiving the catalogue, we as a company decided we wanted to use money accumulated during our annual Christmas Card and Postage Sales Program, to purchase bicycles for pastors in India. In an effort to inform our customers about the cause they had helped to support, Foundation distributing sent them a brief note outlining where we had sent the funds raised. It was signed by all of our employees.

The following Spring, one of our dedicated staff proposed a longer challenge, “Could we as a company build 10 schools, in 10 countries, in 10 years?” eager and excited by this challenge, we tag lined our new project “Operation 10-10-10.” In March of 2005, with the assistance of Partners International we began working to financially support project #1, the building of an elementary school in Akaeze, Nigeria. The goal was to raise $9,000. With books donated by our suppliers, a value priced retailer supported sales program and money matched by Foundation distributing, we achieved our goal.

Project #4 Building a Multipurpose Centre in rural Bangladesh
Project #4 Building a Multipurpose Centre in rural Bangladesh

In 2010, I had the unique opportunity to visit one of our school projects with the Partners International team. I can’t tell you what a profound effect this trip had on me, and what a great encouragement it was to not only me, but also to our staff, customers and suppliers. 10 years has come and gone and our 10 schools became 10 projects. With assistance and direction from Partners International, we have built or repaired 9 multi-purpose buildings in Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and Liberia. In April 2016, we plan to complete our challenge and fund project #10. This common goal has been such a blessing and has strengthened not only our commitment to mission projects around the globe, but also to our commitment to serve the Lord through service to others. We are blessed to be nearing the end of our project and happy to have developed what promises to be a long-standing relationship with our friends at Partners International.

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