It starts in dark places.

In places like the Sundarban Islands, where life is tough, and families face a reality of being trapped as bonded labourers. In places such as these, children are raised without education, and families without shelter.

It is in these places that our ministry partner, JKPS, seeks to bring the gospel message to.

Amongst the brick kilns where much of the island population is forced to work, JKPS is moving to bring change to a place where multi-generational slavery is becoming common. Through their work with children, they are seeking to break the cycle of labour by valuing children and sharing with them the love of Jesus Christ. In the West Bengal area of India, God is moving to show his abundant love and mercy.

To hear the story of the Sundarbans through the words of a JKPS national worker, please watch the video below. National workers such as these can help to bring hope and transformation.


You can help support a JKPS national worker operating in the Sundarbans