Ever since Saanvi* gave her heart to Jesus, her prayer was that her mother and brother’s family would find Jesus as Lord and Saviour and take baptism. As the years rolled by, she wondered if she would ever see that day in her lifetime. Her constant witness and testimony seemed in vain and she often found herself feeling discouraged. (*Name changed to protect identity.)

The Lord changed all of that in a very strange, yet exciting manner. This journey began with Saanvi’s local church praying for a plot of land to have their own place of worship. Typically, our partner does not build a village church unless the established local church provides the land for the building. It was at this juncture that God moved in the life of Vihaan* (Saanvi’s brother). He decided to donate his land to the Church building. What was even more humbling is that when the Church building was being constructed, Vihaan was there every morning and evening to oversee and help the construction in any way possible.

God began to stir in both Vihaan & his wife, Pari’s*, heart. As the church was being built they became more aware of a God that was not a mere idol but a living, caring God. They came to know that He is the God of heaven & earth and that He loves and cares for them with an everlasting joy.

After the Church was built, the fellowship conducted their first baptism service out of the new building. There were seven that were baptized that day. Three were from Saanvi’s family- her mother (Prisha*), her brother (Vihaan) & her sister-in-law (Pari).

baptismSaanvi is filled with awe at the way in which God brought her whole family to Himself this past year.

She says, “This is the best year of my life! His Name be praised!”