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Your gift today will help to build the church by training and equipping Christian leaders to bring hope and transformation to their communities within the Middle East including countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

This region can be a challenging and dangerous context surrounded by turmoil and constant instability. Our local partners on the ground are committed to bring the Good News to all people and bring help and support to hurting communities.

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Joseph Najem- 6 months ago

Latest prayer letter from local leader Joseph Najem

BEIRUT EXPLOSION RELIEF: During this period, we have been under lockdowns on and off all the time. During these circumstances, we insisted to keep going. We were able to visit the 80 families that we are helping because of the Beirut blast. We are helping them financially, and we are also giving them a small gift so that we do not enter empty-handed, since it is culturally rude. The first time we gifted them a hygienic kit, the second time we gifted them calendrers and an agenda for the year 2021, and on the last visit we gave them a Christmas gift that consists of two jars of jam, cake, nuts, two boxes of healthy cookies, a pen and a notebook. Some of the families were visited two times and others three times, depending on the COVID restrictions given by the government. The visits have been very fruitful; the people have been very receptive. The volunteers have been able to read, pray, sing and share the gospel with the people. Four people already started attending the church meetings when the church is open. We will continue to visit the people and work with them when the opportunity is available.

LEBANON: In addition to the “Eyes on Beirut” ministry we are also working on supporting the people in our congregations, because of the hard times and difficulties for Lebanese people. In addition to helping our congregations, we are also helping the Syrian refugees at Oasis who are also in a challenging situation. In total we are aiding around 250 families every month to 6 weeks, depending on our ability. We would like to keep doing this if God provides the opportunities and opens the doors. We continued to do training be it live or online, as we saw appropriate. Yet, a big part of ministry moved to online meetings, like many other places in the world. The free church missionaries are all teaching and preaching online. At the local church that I pastor, we have our Sunday meeting, our Bible study, our live groups, our youth, our college and career groups, and the children’s Sunday school all meeting online.  

STORY: During one of the visits of the “Eyes on Beirut” Campaign and after chats and getting to know the person well. Doctor Roland (name changed) turned out to be very interested in faith in Christ, because when he was young, one of the evangelical churches used to pass by and take him to Sunday school in addition to several kids from his neighbourhood. Roland asked us if we can visit him more than once because he wanted to know more about God and about the salvation that he offers to us through Christ. The team that was in charge of visiting Roland started doing weekly visits to his house. They are doing prayer meetings with him and with his extended family.  He expressed an interest in making church meetings at his house. In addition to that, he started attending church online and when we were able to meet physically, he also showed up. Please keep Roland in your prayers so that God would reveal himself to him more clearly, that he would become sure of his salvation and that he would be a key to win souls to Christ in his family, neighbourhood, and among his patients. 

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: We are looking to start a project with a new young missionary in Morocco, yet we lack the budget for that. We are praying and seeing if God opens the door for that ministry. We are also looking to support our church in Sudan the work there grew a lot and needs a bigger budget, we are also trying to buy a small building for the church and the BTS seminary in Jordan. The ministry in Syria also needs additional relief because of the tough situation. Please pray for us to see how God will move in the coming days.  


  • Pray for the visits that the people would respond positively to the gospel. 
  • Pray for strength for the volunteers. 
  • Pray for the people who started attending the church so that they would grow in Christ and become part of His Kingdom. 
  • Pray for the Lebanese people and the Syrian refugees. 
  • Pray for the situation in the country, the economic crisis, and the pandemic,
  • Pray that we keep focusing on the Great Commission and to making disciples & leadership training, 
  • Pray for the Oasis, Eyes on Syria, Eyes on Beirut and Generations projects, 
  • Pray for the support of the coffee shop in Latakia, Syria,
  • Pray that God would provide for acquiring a two-floor building for our Biblical Theological Seminary BTS in Amman-Jordan, 
  • Pray for our missionaries in the eight different countries, 
  • Pray for the FEC visible churches & house churches.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve together and to know each one of you. We appreciate all your efforts, all your prayers, and all that you do to advance the kingdom of God in the MENA region. We are thankful for God to have great partners, friends and dear members in the body of Christ.

Stay safe, many blessings. 

Joseph Najem


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