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Namibia is suffering through the worst long-term drought in 90 years. It is so severe that way back in June of 2019 the president declared a state of emergency.  Since then, conditions have only deteriorated. The drought is causing the death of wildlife and the displacement of people. Namibians are resilient but these and other challenges are insurmountable for those facing starvation. Namibia has one of the highest states of economic inequality in the world.  Its extreme poverty rate is projected to rise to 18.9% in 2022 (World Bank). Unemployment is high and particularly affects women (38%) and young people (43%).  Around 15% of the adult population is infected with the AIDS virus. The economy is in freefall, shrinking by almost 10% in the last two years. Covid-19 is only adding to the challenges. In March of 2021 starving Himba tribespeople people started arriving out of the Kalahari desert seeking care in Namibia. We are providing life-saving nutrition and medical support to these people.

Recent Updates

Ekonia Kamati- 5 months ago

Latest ministry update from Namibia!

I would like to sincerely thank and appreciate our sponsors and partners for the unconditional generosity and the love for humanity you have fully demonstrated here in Namibia. Thank you very much for your obedience to God's call and the willingness to support the needy. We are joyful to report what we have achieved through our joint ministry with Partners International. 

Our team remains focused on our vision to inspire children to break the poverty cycle and contribute back to their communities. It breaks our hearts to see children struggling without the care of adults. Some have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS, while others have parents who neglect them because of drug and alcohol abuse. Our responsibility is to care for these innocent and broken children. Some have experienced a lot of trauma. We have several children who do not want to go to school because they feel ashamed. They assume everyone on the street knows their story. Their low self-esteem causes them to isolate themselves.

In some cases, it leads to suicide. Our trained staff do one-on-one counselling and pray with the traumatized children and willing parents. Our purpose is to see families and communities restored. We want to see parents be responsible, children desire to learn, and people come to know Christ. 

We take pride in knowing that we help people in slum communities, and the people appreciate us. Parents trust us with their children because they see our dedication to serve them and the impact we make in their community. There are many testimonies from parents of how our program has positively changed the lives of their children. In one meeting, Maano (meaning Gift) stood up to share her appreciation of how we helped her children to complete grade 10, saying, 

"You must be angels sent to save our children from the pit of hell! Why do you do all these kinds of good things for our children we failed to do for them? You must be God sent people. Why do our children listen to you when you talk to them? What do you give them?"

She could not finish talking because she broke into tears. Maano's girls almost got sold into the sex trade. But our involvement turned their lives around, and today Maano says they are the best children she could have hoped for. These kinds of stories are why parents in the slums want their children to attend our after school program. 

All volunteers are doing well and working hard during this time of Coronavirus. We went into some communities to teach people preventative measures to reduce the chance of getting Coronavirus. We visit a lot of homes while physical distancing requirements temporarily affect group programs. This is a risk for our staff and volunteers, especially now that the Coronavirus cases increase every day.

This is another exciting and significant year for our partnership! We trust God for some advances as we develop the strategic plan to expand our ministry and obtain a permanent base. Some goals are to:

- Get our property and building 

- Grow the feeding ministry 

- Raise enough funds for school supplies (this is a significant need)

Life has been pretty busy this year with ministry and getting married. My wife's name is Mirjam Lia Kamati. She is a great encouragement. I pray that one day Mirjam Lia will be able to see Canada, a country I call my second home. I want to thank all those who dedicated their time to pray for me. May God richly bless you. 


- Please pray for God's protection upon my marriage.

- Pray for God's protection upon Namibian children, especially those who live in slum areas during this Covid-19.

- Pray for my country's economy and the leaders of Namibia

- Pray for the protection of our volunteers 


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