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Upon the arrival of each year’s cold season, Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship distributes thousands of blankets in the rural villages of Bangladesh. A warm blanket is a blessing to the most vulnerable in the community including widows, orphans, elderly, poor and marginalized families with the greatest need.

Recent Updates

Leor Sakar- 3 weeks ago

Latest ministry update from Bangladesh!

We praise God for leading us through this past year with His blessings. The journey was not smooth, but we thank God for our joint ministry accomplishments and are thankful to our supporters for being with us during this journey as partners.

BBCF children’s homes are our joint response in communities with high levels of poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition, and also to assist some new believers, who often face persecution, such as the loss of employment, making them unable to care for their own children. Schooling is a big problem in these areas and poverty is widespread. If we continue to nurture the next generation we can, with the help of God, produce strong believers and community leaders who can be a real witness for Christ to their own people.


"My name is Celina, and I grew up in Rajshahi with my three sisters and brother. Throughout my childhood, our family was impoverished. My parents struggled to provide for the family, and there were times that we nearly starved. As a female child, I was pressured to engage in child labour or get married at a young age. 

Thankfully, I got a chance to stay at a BBCF girl's home. That was a crucial moment in my life. I received an education and learned about Jesus, who is now my saviour. I was blessed greatly staying there.

The girls home acted as a lighthouse for my life. It led me to have hope and dreams. Sometimes people face difficulties in life and need support during those hard days. I am deeply grateful to God for His grace and for the generous people whose contributions helped me."

Celina finished grade 12 and landed a job as a Police Constable in Dhaka, thanks to your support. During her years at the girl's home, she received food, safe accommodation, educational support, spiritual nurturing in a sound Christian environment and parental love and care during the most crucial period in her life. 

These years acted as a training period that has equipped her with a strong foundation for her life.

Celina's father died last year. But she is now able to take care of the family with her mother. She also supports her younger sisters in getting an education. Celina is now glorifying God in her service among the nonbelievers. She demonstrates a positive example of Christian morality and honesty for those around her. Celina is one example of many children that have received the love, encouragement and care every child deserves. Thank you for your support. 



  • Pray for the Churches to find new/creative ways to keep people connected in prayer and fellowship. Significant portions of our churches are in rural areas, and believers are illiterate or semi-literate. They don't have internet access.
  • COVID-19 is spreading rapidly now in Bangladesh. Pray for control and people's awareness. Most people show a 'don't care' attitude.
  • Many people in this country are starving, many lost jobs, many don't find/get work.
  • Some institutes, like schools and hospitals, generate revenue for supporting our ministry, but the income dropped significantly. This may bring negative impacts and needs prayer.
  • We'll have our Biennial General Meeting as soon as the situation gets improved. That will bring a new board and leadership for BBCF. Please pray for God's selection of the right people.


  • Pray for complete healing of my vocal cords.
  • Pray for me along with the board in our search for my deputy (Assistant General Secretary). Pray we will find the appropriate person.


7,350 people heard the gospel | 437 new believers |437 people baptized 

310 families in poverty alleviation programs |481 communities impacted 

530  children and youth program recipients | 7,970  people received medical care


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Start Date: January 02, 2020

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