Serghei Mihailov

Transforming a nation through prevention and restoration programs

Serghei Mihailov

Transforming a nation through prevention and restoration programs

Serghei leads a dynamic team that seeks to restore the dignity and integrity of people in Moldova. As a boy, he experienced first hand poverty and crisis with the collapse of the Soviet Union and both of his parents losing their jobs. In his desperation, he found the church and became a believer. His ministry in Moldova focuses on prevention and restoration programs to support victims of trafficking (a huge issue in Moldova), as well as victims of abuse, single mothers, and abandoned children. Serghei explains:

“Because of my background of brokenness to redemption, it is special for me to help people see a way out of their poverty, offering them real opportunities in life, and showing them the true love of God.”

Partnership Focus

Our partnership in Moldova serves the vulnerable of society with a focus on victims of exploitation and children. The ministry leads prevention and rehabilitation programs from art therapy to awareness events. They also invest in the lives of Moldova’s future leaders, to bring about lasting change in the nation for years to come.

Featured Projects

Afghanistan Relief

Afghan Christians are at risk following the Taliban take-over in August 2021. Thousands crossed land borders into neighbouring countries like Pakistan seeking safety. Others are in a perilous situation in Afghanistan. Partners International is supporting refugees in Pakistan and Christians in need in Afghanistan. Our local partners already had existing programs to safe-house people at risk. We are using that experience to care for and disciple Afghan refugees. Your gift will help provide immediate help with food and other basic needs like accommodation as we work to stabilize displaced families and help believers still in Afghanistan.

Angolan Refugee Relief

Namibia is suffering through the worst long-term drought in 90 years. It is so severe that way back in June of 2019 the president declared a state of emergency.  Since then, conditions have only deteriorated. The drought is causing the death of wildlife and the displacement of people. Namibians are resilient but these and other challenges are insurmountable for those facing starvation. Namibia has one of the highest states of economic inequality in the world.  Its extreme poverty rate is projected to rise to 18.9% in 2022 (World Bank). Unemployment is high and particularly affects women (38%) and young people (43%).  Around 15% of the adult population is infected with the AIDS virus. The economy is in freefall, shrinking by almost 10% in the last two years. Covid-19 is only adding to the challenges. In March of 2021 starving Himba tribespeople people started arriving out of the Kalahari desert seeking care in Namibia. We are providing life-saving nutrition and medical support to these people.

Bangladesh Ministry Advancement

Your gift today will build the church by training and equipping Christian leaders to bring hope and transformation to their communities. Key programs include: support for evangelists, support for vulnerable children, unreached people group church planting projects, 'barefoot preacher' training, and our "Adopt A Village" program that supports couples who are bi-vocational church planters and community developers. The work now has 683 churches and house fellowships with 95 new vibrant communities of faith established over 12 months.

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