Today — and everyday — we celebrate all that women have accomplished and continue to shed light on just how much women matter to our world.

We had the opportunity to speak to 4 incredible women in ministry about their role in leadership. Together we discussed the unique styles that guide their roles as leaders. In each of their important roles, these women are defying cultural norms daily.

As we highlight these phenomenal women and their leadership styles, we hope to demonstrate the strength and influence that women have in our communities and pay tribute to women everywhere.

is a Partners International Missionary who is preparing to take on a leadership position with our partner in Brazil, the Evangelical Mission to Assist Fisherman (EMAF). She will be working among the 10,000 riverside communities located in the Brazilian Amazon that have not yet been reached by the Gospel of Jesus. In Brazil, Juliana and her husband, Diogo will be leading a mobile, floating seminary and Christian training centre on the Amazon River. She will be offering counselling in addition to helping to train local leaders from church plants along the river.

“People are very important to me. The idea of walking alongside someone is definitely my leadership style. I like to listen to people that I am working with and I want to be someone they can count on.  I don’t think I am really good at training people so they can become leaders too, although it is something that I am working on and I understand its importance. At the same time, when there is a task to be completed I become very task oriented. If there is something that needs to get done I can switch gears and focus on steps to achieving the goal. In general I am much more people oriented than task oriented. I will stop anything that I am doing to spend time with people.”

is the founder and CEO of Al-Hadaf, the national non-profit organization in Amman, Jordan. She leads Al-Hadaf in supporting children and their families in Jordan who have been affected by injustices to help restore them through various forms of therapy, training, education, and much more.

“My dad has a servant’s heart. He was in the army and he would lead through service. I learned a lot from him as a leader. I would watch him and consult with him but, I never realized I was doing it too until I was actually a leader. My style of leadership is servant the Associate Director of Programs with our partner in India, Jatiyo Kristiyo Prochar Samity (JKPS). She oversees various areas of the ministry, namely community development, the Training Institute, Sponsor a Child, communications, Knowledge Hubs and administration.

“I would say that I am more of a shepherding and pastoral kind of leader.  I do love being a team player. I love to take the team along but I’m learning that I also must be directive at a leader from our partner in Nigeria, The Evangelizer’s Team Ministries International (TETMI) that serves the unreached rural people. Hope is most passionate about leading and empowering women and children in Christ. Specifically, she aims at equipping them to be self-sufficient, thereby liberating them from reliance on prostitution in their villages. Hope leads a program which rescues and rehabilitates young girls given over to prostitution, and reintegrates them back into society.

“Most of the time I delegate. We have pastors on the ground and in the field as well as a matron that takes care of the Magdalene home for me. I usually give direction and support over the phone because I live two hours away from where the ministry is located. Apart from VBS and conferences, where I have to be present the entire time, I manage other projects by delegation.”As we reflect on women’s achievements this International Women’s Day, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all of the remarkable women we work with around the world. What women in your life inspire you?