Stories from the field


A Letter to my Partners in the Faith: Angola Refugees


We managed to travel to the northwest region of Namibia for a relief trip. We arrived at a gathering of over 720 Angolan men, women and children, wh...

The Impact of Cellphones in International Development and Mission


BY KEN MA Several years ago, during a  monitoring visit to South Asia, our local partner took me to a Hindu village where they started outreach wor...

Stained Walls and Hurting Hearts


Stained Walls and Hurting Hearts  BY DAVID HUNT As the people read aloud from a Bible in the Quechua language, one person responded, “What...

Meet Jaya


Children living with HIV/AIDS in regions of India face harsh injustice. Many HIV+ children become orphans because their parents die from the virus, ...

Alexandra’s Story


Alexandra is a single mother of three in Moldova. Her children are now the fourth generation to experience deep brokenness. Alexandra’s mother bec...